Acquiring the skills to become a Php programmer

A php programmer writes tests and maintains the ASCII text file for applications, programs, and websites using PHP a server-side scripting language primarily used for business applications and web development.

Php developer skills

  • Code analysis: there’s a comprehensive analysis of the new or existing website’s requirements. The developer convenes with the event team to conceive new ideas for creating or revising the web site and conducts a feasibility study of these ideas to make a decision which of them to use. The developer also determines the features and functionalities to be included within the website and eventually decides on the site’s final design and layout.
  • Development and database optimization: Developers use their technical knowledge for the particular development of the web site. They also confirm that the web site is dynamic in nature and therefore the necessary PHP script is embedded into it. Then, they check the web site for database optimization.
  • Testing and implementation: PHP developers test the web site to detect any errors, assess, and debug them. They seek sign-off from management to finalize the web site and host it on the web after getting approved.
  • Maintenance and improvement of visibility: Regular maintenance and updates to the web site are performed by the developer after it becomes active on the web . He fine tunes the website’s functionalities to enhance the interface and visibility to form sure that the location features a good impression for its users.
  • Technical skills: it’s become essential for a PHP developer to possess knowledge of Ajax, jQuery, and MySQL. Being Full Stack developers with the talents for using JavaScript, CSS and HTML to properly code websites is additionally important because these skills enable them to repair the mistakes made by an internet designer. Skills in CakePHP (open source web framework) and PHP Unit (unit testing framework) have also become important. Other skills which will be useful for them to find out are APIs, Unix/Linux, and MVC Framework Architecture.

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