How to innovate your service

Imagine a world in which every advertising view, every e-mail sent, every store you enter, every mobile offer you see and every website you visit has been customized just for you. This may sound like an unrealistic goal, but it is a customer experience of the future. And an increasingly strong expectation from customers.
Innovative brands point the way by defining the next generation of customer experience with rich customization, which provides more accurate, relevant and customized contact points, both in-store and online. These companies integrate the fundamentals of retailing by optimizing customer interactions on mobile devices, building customer loyalty to the brand, giving voice to each customer and creating unique customer experiences, A personalized journey to increase involvement and increase sales.

Customize the purchase experience and optimize the conversion rate

The optimization of this conversion rate requires a personalized purchasing experience that will adapt to the customer, the devices that the customer uses, and the purchasing context. It should be noted that any personalization of the purchasing experience is only possible if it is based on a continuous collection and analysis of the data, notably through e-commerce dashboards. In a dematerialized Web universe, it is also fundamental that the relationship is as "human" as possible, in particular by showing the customer that it is recognized, and by making obvious bridges with the possible physical outlets. Besides the act of purchase, the stake is also to leave a good impression to the customer, and to obtain its loyalty.

Innovate your services with Magento

Magento is systematically focused on products. It offers an optimization of search tools, interfaces open to integration and intuitive use. With its wide range of functionalities and modular architecture, Magento ensures the creation of solutions that are tailored to your customers and efficient from the point of view of offerings - from the simple shop to the global store. In addition, with Magento you can innovate in customizing the user experience. Choose the best open source ecommerce, here !

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