Where most adapted Php developers for your future projects

You can find all php developers in freelance. Many experts are at your disposal. There are Backend or frontend developers for creating your websites. The php freelance developers are able to realize your projects and to have a role of technical consultant.

What is PHP developer ?

A PHP developer is a professional who produces software solutions for your business. A developer helps you build the tools that allow you to be present in an economy every day more digitized.

With their multiple skills, they produce digital tools such as websites, mobile applications or software. They are now essential to any activity, but their many skills and specializations can sometimes confuse the general public. Between backend developer, frontend, fullstack, embedded system, data scientists, we can easily get lost.

The developer is the freelance to contact to build or remake a website. The first step in choosing a freelance developer is to decide whether you need a front-end developer or a back-end developer.

A front-end developer develops the interface that the end user sees. It is he who realizes the visible part of the site, integrating thanks to the code the models made by a UX / UI designer. This freelancer most often uses HTML / HTML5, CSS / CSS3 to represent web pages and uses JavaScript to make everything dynamic. Thanks to these languages, a freelance front-end developer connects the graphic part of your site or application with its back-end part.

A back-end developer focuses on the submerged part of the iceberg: data storage and front-end interaction with servers. This is the part that allows the operation of your tool: without a back-end developer, your site or app is an empty shell! The back-end developer can very well code in PHP, use frameworks such as Symfony. the list is not exhaustive, depending on his skills.

To conclude, when you contact a php developer, it is useful to send him a specification. This states the objectives of the site or app you want to develop. It presents your activity, the expected results of the platform and specifies which will be the end users.

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