Why you have to learn PHP

PHP is the abbreviation in English of, "PHP Hypertext Preprocessor". PHP runs on server side, unlike HTML or CSS languages that run on the client side. It is important to understand the PHP language because it creates dynamic and interactive sites. If we study PHP rather than other languages, and if PHP is so often cited as "the" server-side language it's because it has undeniable advantages.

Advantages of learning PHP

To make PHP, you would need nothing more than a simple text editor. But the most indispensable tool is undoubtedly the official documentation. The interest from PHP is to generate HTML or JavaScript dynamically. The work done with PHP on your page is totally invisible to the visitor.

Easily accessible

The first advantage of PHP over its competitors is its ease of access. Indeed, PHP is an open source language and therefore free to use and also easy to learn in the sense that it does not require special prerequisites.

Recognized and supported internationally

Then PHP is recognized and therefore supported internationally. PHP works as well on Mac OS as Windows, Linus or UNIX. In addition, PHP programming is supported by almost all servers used today.

Make repetitive task automatic

Among other things, it makes it possible to make repetitive tasks automatically, in particular by communicating with a database. The goal of PHP is to teach you how to master the basics of these two tools (PHP and database), so that you can build your own applications.

Performance and strength

Finally, the PHP programming is distinguished by its performance and its strength: as the language is Open Source, anyone can contribute to its evolution, which is that it is constantly improving and that it will be a priori never abandoned. In addition,php programming has good performance in terms of speed and is a safe language: the rare flaws never detected in the language have always been corrected within the hour that followed the flaws.

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